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Sand Demon Clouds Clan

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Sand Demon Clouds Clan

Post by tyran on Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:58 pm

Name: Sand Demon Clouds Clan

Elements: Sand

Jutsus: Sand Blaze of Burning Sand, Sand Sky Bird Drop, Three Sand Wall of Fall Doors, Sand Trills of Unforgiven Love, Sand of Mystic Black Sand of Twister, Sand Cemetary Bomb, Sand Storm of Crushing Wind, Sand Skull and Cross Bone, Sand of Rebirth, and Sand Of Immortal Sand.

Description: My Clan contain two of the powerful sand demon there is SandKara and Death Star we had to put them in baby body like my and my friend Dev. Our village was Partly destroy but we over power the to demons Our village now have to powerful warrior that we every knew. but know all of our ninja power fighter

Weapons: kunai, curve sword, claw blades, snakes fang, and Tyranno Reaper.

Kekkei Genkai: Moon Sand of Sand Demons

History: There was a village called Sand Cloud Clan but until to demon Name SandKara and Death Star came they fought each until Our Hokage Seal them in to Knew born babys name Tyran and Dev. To them for destroy the village as we grow up the seal started to break the demon took over the body start the fight again and the new Hokage came up with a new seal call Sand Of Sealing Gates. it was a double seal it help the to friend to controll the demons.
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