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Avatar RPG (Very Popular - Over 1630 Members!)

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Avatar RPG (Very Popular - Over 1630 Members!)

Post by Josh on Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:30 pm

.:Avatar RPG:.
Today I will be telling you about an amazing Avatar
RPG that has been around for only about nine months. We have over 1630
members and we are pretty much active. I'd like good RPers to join so
that they may set a good example for other RPers that aren't as Good.
Extremely good RPers will be made moderators or administrators. My name
on this RPg is Pendo and my co-owner is Moony (AKA: Metalbender) We
hope to become even more successful as time progresses.

Avatar RPG is #1 on Search Engines
Even on the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and
our RPG is the very first result when you search "Avatar RPG" try it if
you wish. We are very proud of such an honor that most people pay
thousands of dollars for and yet we accomplished it with our massive
population and amount of visits.

A Rebellion is Taking Place
Although it seems like an amazingly awesome RPG we have begun to face a
small minority of rebels (about 5-7 people) who have made their own RPG
and copied our RPG. They claim to be better and yet the reason they
made their own is because they had no intentions on working hard for
the more advanced elements and sub-elements. We hope new members choose
to remain loyal to the Avatar RPG community.

The Final Chapter
I hope you've heard enough to convince you to join! Well? What are you
waiting for!? Join already! We have a staff of moderators and
administrators waiting to accomodate you! Come join the Avatar RPG of
your dreams and make your own character, we have many people to RP with
and we hope you enjoy yourselves!

The Link
Avatar RPG


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