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white fangs originals

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white fangs originals

Post by the white fang on Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:36 pm

Name: shin'shou no jutsu final light
Rank: b-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: long
Element: raiton
Description: the user starts the move of by gathering the lightning element in to a kuni the user then lunches the kuni at his opponet when the kuni reaches the opponet it teleports behind the him then the teleports to and grabs the kuni and then theres a bright light be cause of the raiton element and the user strikes the opponet in a vinal spot.

Name: hazy moon death
Rank: E
Type: Genjutsu.
Range: close range
Duration: 3 min
Effect: the opponet is mentaly hurt
Description: the user trapes the opponet in a genjutsu with 3 kuni's the kuni's are mearly just a distraction while the opponet is dodging the kuni's the user is already traping the opponet in the genjutsu the genjutsu starts off by making the area looking negative which means its just black and white and theres a jiant moon sitting in the sky the user thens make the opponet wihnes his death for 72 hours but it has only benn 3 minutes
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