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netsu clan

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netsu clan

Post by dragon lucario on Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:31 pm

Name: netsu

Elements: N/A

name: secret style black gate summoning
rank: s- rank
type: fuunin/ summoning
range: long range
duration: '~'
discription: the user summons a gate with an drangon head as the opening the user thens makes the gate opens its mouth and till you can see a black vortex the gate thens sucks the opponet in and closes its mouth.
seals: dog, hare, tiger, snake, bird, boar, tiger
effect: the gate seals the opponet in side forever. the user uses up a lot of chakra


Weapons: optional. This is only if your clan has a custom weapon.

Kekkei Genkai: none ( but the clan specializes in secret style techniques )

History: the netsu clan has been around for about 2 centries they originated from the earth country. as one of the strongest clans in the earth country they help stop all the other clans from trying to kill the kage and take over. but once the netsu clan fond out that the kage was using them as pets they left and never came back. the clan now lives in konoha rebuilding there clans name.
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