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kane's new jutsu's

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kane's new jutsu's

Post by kane uchiha on Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:31 pm

name: glare from the sun jutsu
rank: c rank
range: 1 mile wide
type: ninjutsu/genjutsu
element: (raiton) fire
discription: this move starts off whith 3 hand seals, dog, horse, snake but the opponet must be within mid range with the user for this move to work, the user traps his opponet in a genjutsu trap with his finger tips the opponet is thinking he is hiding in a dark area because of the illiusion but is realy just standing there the user then's leap into the air and does 6 hand seals, snake, dog, bird, snake, horse, boar and realese's a giant fire ball the size of a 3 storere house and the opponet is still traped in the genjutsu so he thinks its the glare of the sun but it's realy a giant fire ball crashing toward's him
effect: desroys ever thing in its path

name: kapodo'hiku jutsu
rank: b rank
range: close up
discription:this move starts of by cathing my opponet in my kekkei genkkai sharingan
kane uchiha
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