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Tsumetaichi of the Mist

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Tsumetaichi of the Mist

Post by Fuyu Tsumetaichi on Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:57 pm

Name: Tsumetaichi

Elements:Water and Wind

Name:Powder Dust Technique - kayaku chiri no jutsu.
Rank: D
Effect: This technique is utilized by the ninja Kugutsu. First, the user freezes their chakra, turning it into light snow. Then, the user is able to manipulate the snow however they choose.

Name: Powder Dust Waves Technique- kayaku chiri
harou no jutsu
Rank: C
Effect: This technique is utilitze by the ninja Kugutsu. First, the user must use the Powder Dust Technique. Now, the user will send this dust off in waves. This will cover the field in snow, and do damage to the enemy.

Name: Powder Dust Clone Technique- kayaku chiri bunshin no jutsu
Effect: This technique develops clones out of the snow on the field or created by the user. Must be in a snowy area or have used Kayaku Chiri

Name: Powder Dust Orb- Kayaku Chiri Kyuutai no Jutsu
Rank: B
Effect: This technique is utilized by Kugutsu. Using snow around him, or his special snow chakra, Kugutsu will form an orb around him. This orb can block attacks, or be used to attack itself. If hit, it will protect Kugutsu, but explode into waves of snow to attack the enemy.

Name: Powder Dust Transformation~Diamond Dust - Kayaku Chiri Henge ~ Daiyamondo Chiri
Rank: B
Effect: This technique utilizes snow. The user clumps the snow, or snow chakra made by Kayaku Chiri. These clumps become as hard as diamonds, reinforced with chakra. These clumps will then form spikes and fly out of the ground, attacking and trapping the enemy in a field of spikes.

Description: The Tsumetaichi are a ninjutsu-based clan. They are passive, specializing in immobilization and defending. They are a vengeful clan however, losing all thoughts of pacifism when faced with a Mist ninja.

Name- Ax of Winters
Height- 5'
Weight- 30lbs
Description- This is a massive ax that seems to be made of ice. However, the ice never melts. The ax is freezing, sticking to skin if touched by bare flesh. Therefore, the ax must be used with leather gloves.

Kekkei Genkai:Name:Powder Dust Technique - kayaku chiri no jutsu.
Type: Kekkei
Effect: This kekkei genkei resides with the Tsumetaichi clan. It is the ability to mold one's chakra into snow. This jutsu requires very little chakra, being able to cover and entire field with little chakra at genin level. However, it is a mainly passive technique, for the clan is mainly defensive fighters. The kekkei can be used for attacking, but it is very unusual for it to be used in such a way.

The Begining of the Clan: The clan is directly related to a hidden clan in the mist able to form water into ice. This clan's last member was killed by none other than the Copy Cat Ninja Kakashi. With the death of Haku came the death of Tsumetaichi's father clan. Haku's clan had a very powerful stand in the country. However, they were eliminated because of the fear of kekkei genkei. When one of Haku's clan had a child with a ninja from the snow country, they birthed a mutation of the kekkei genkei. This new kekkei genkei would be known widely as Kayaku Chiri, powder dust. This child was the first of his kind. The Snow country nin's last name was Tsumetaichi, hence the name of the clan. The clan started in the snow country, where they were kept safe and hidden. Once they had become strong enough, they left the snow to find real strength.

The Mist: Four members of the clan survived the journey to the land of water. There they built homes in the mist, far away from any civilization. They birthed many children, and soon recreated their clan. However, they soon found out about what had happened to their father clan. Infuriated, they trained their children for combat. In a two year war. It looked like a victory, until the leaf butted in. With the leaf's specialty in fire, the Tsumetaichi clan was defeated. They swore their allegiance to the Mist to save their own lives, regretting every day of the treaty. They now raise their children to hate their home, hoping one day to find someone strong enough to lead a revolt.

The Prophecy:
In the generation of three a child is born of water and snow. A prodigy of his kind. Freedom follows his muffled step.

The clan follows this prophecy, told by an elder during the Fourth Hokage's generation. The clan now believes Shikisha to be the prophet child, they gave him special training, placing him in ninja school to enhance his abilities.
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Re: Tsumetaichi of the Mist

Post by Omriram on Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:19 am

please let me join and i'm new hope i can!!!!

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